Infinite Universe

I’ve actually made a journal entry on infinity and its meaning considering the universe, so I’m going to take some information from that and new information that I’ve collected since then.

There has to be other life forms out there. I mean, it goes on forever, so eventually you’d have to run into another intelligent conscious life form. Theoretically, there are infinite planets, stars, asteroids, moons, etc. At least a small fraction of them have to be suitable for carbon-based life forms. We consider these planets Goldilocks Planets.  If there is an infinite plethora of planets in general, there would be less Goldilocks planets, but still an infinite amount. So on a large scale, there has to be other carbon-based living organisms out there. Because why wouldn’t there be?

In my opinion, philosophy plays into this theory of mine. There must be reason for life. If there wasn’t a reason, then why would we be here? Everything exists for a reason, right? Pencils exist for writing, pillows exist for resting your head. This can be applied to human body parts as well: toes exist for balance, ears exist for hearing, etc. Right?

Wrong. What about the sun? Why does the sun exist? 12 year old me thought that the sun solely existed to provide light, heat, and life for the Earth. What I didn’t know then was that the sun existed before the Earth. On a side note, I don’t believe the universe was created by some stellar being that bears a close resemblance to mankind.

Not everything is black and white. There can be grey areas, and the universe may be one of them. The universe could exist because why not? Why shouldn’t it exist? If something has a possibility of happening, it probably will.

Philosophy would be an interesting career path for me, wouldn’t it?

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